Reasons to choose us

Why OSC?

It's all about partnership and people.
The concept of partnership provides the foundation upon which our relationship with our clients is built.
Our approach underpins the way in which we believe facilities management services can be provided effectively and efficiently to achieve mutual outcomes.
We rely on our people to foster the partnering principles and deliver our services professionally, passionately, and competently.

One Team, One Vision

The ingredients of our approach

We understand and manage our operations with the knowledge that industry-leading systems and processes alone are not enough to ensure successful contract delivery. Our experience and market position reinforces that we view our people as the key ingredient to success.

From the outset of our partnership, we have the capability to professionally and seamlessly transition to the contract arrangements.  We then bring our proposition to life, applying a consultative approach, while minimising disruption to your employees and core business.

Right People & Culture

Right Growth

Right Systems & Processes

Right Customer Focus

Why do our clients choose us?

There were two key reasons why we awarded the contract to TC Facilities Management. Firstly, the importance they place on employee welfare and secondly their commitment to their company values which complement our own. Cost is obviously a factor, but ultimately we place higher importance on our working environment and in turn our supplier’s employees on site.

Ben PeroniFacilities Operations AdvisorNAPP Pharmaceuticals

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